В2В-Энерго: все закупки в энергетикеB2B-EnergoИнформационно-аналитическая и торгово-операционная система Рынок продукции, услуг и технологий для электроэнергетики
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Informational, analytical, trading and operational system
"Market of products, services and technologies for electric power industry"

You may apply for registration as a Participant of the System "Market of products, services and technologies for power industry - B2B-Energo".

Informational, analytical, trading and operational system "Market of products, services and technologies for power industry - B2B-Energo" was formed in order to increase efficiency of power industry in Russia. It's conception was approved by Management Board of Unified Energy System of Russia (UESR). The "B2B-Energo" system also received high praise from:

  • Ministry of economic development and trade of Russia;
  • Russian anti-monopoly Ministry;
  • Ministry of industry, science and technology of Russia;
  • Energy Ministry of Russia;
  • Federal energy commission of Russia;
  • Board of Directors of UESR;
  • Management of UESR.

The System allows to unite suppliers and buyers of products, services and technologies for power industry within unified informational and trade environment, and also provides them with various services that help to increase their business effectiveness.

The System is based upon Russian and foreign most innovative and advanced technologies, that reflect most advanced developments in theory and practice of e-trade and e-procurement on the principles "business-to-business" (b2b). System Developers' official consultant from UESR side is "ZAO Energoservice - competitive purchases".

It should be noted, that Developers and Operator of the System do not take any part in trading activities, neither directly (as a buyer or seller) nor indirectly (as an intermediary). Their chief task is to maintain unified informational and trade environment and provide Users (Market Participants) with convenient means and conditions to effectively conduct their business in it.

Actually, there are more than 166 000 organizations are registered as B2B marketplace participants, including more than 400 subsidiary companies of UESR with total annual amount of funds intended for maintenance, repair, renovation and operation of their fixed assets exceeding 300 billion roubles.

B2B marketplace participants are:

  • Manufacturers of power machinery, spare parts and other material resources used in power industry;
  • Organizations, that offer assembly, construction and building services;
  • Organizations that offer repair services for power machinery, buildings and constructions;
  • Research and development organizations.

Thus, the B2B marketplace offers full selection of products, services and technologies for power industry.

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