B2B-Center is a space for effective cooperation of companies purchasing and selling goods, works and services

What is this System?
Over 1,509,000 successfully completed bidding procedures of 498,000 members totalling to over 20.4 trillion rubles

B2B-Center is a system of e-marketplaces founded in 2002 by AO Economy Development Center to enable corporate sales and procurement online.

B2B-Center allows to hold bidding procedure of 43 various types, both for procurement and for sale of products and services.
The System covers procurement needs of various industries: energy sector, petrochemistry, metallurgy, motor-car and many others.

B2B-Center system is a vast market embracing a wide variety of products and services, where sellers and buyers are willing to cooperate in a fair and transparent way.

How does the System work?
In the course of a bidding procedure the System brings together reliable customers and qualified suppliers offering the best conditions

Buyers and suppliers interact in B2B-Center system in the course of a bidding procedure. Buyer announces a procurement request, of which System members automatically get a notification and an invitation to bid. A supplier can find calls for bids of interest in "Marketplace" section, using search by customer name, bidding ID number or via a classifier, and submit a bid for the relevant calls for bids. Suppliers can also announce bidding for the sale of their products.

The information on the bidding procedures held in B2B-Center system is publicly available in "Marketplace" section.

Opportunities for Suppliers and Buyers:
B2B-Center makes it possible to fully automatize sales and procurement process.
For Suppliers For Buyers
  • Participate in the bidding procedures of the largest customers (over 4000 current calls for bids daily).
  • Follow the bidding process real-time and check results.
  • Reduce time for submitting proposals. Automate all steps of participation in the bidding.
  • Get a free newsletter on the new calls for bids relevant to your company.
  • Analyze market demand for your products, as well as your competitors' actions.
  • Save your time by using auxiliary services: factoring, electronic bank guarantee, etc.
  • Choose from over 40 types of settings and bidding procedures based on your procurement practice.
  • Work with trusted partners. Database of suppliers numbers over 498,000 companies and provides procurement activities records of each of them.
  • Save when purchasing. Significant reduction in value (up to 20%) of the original contract price.
  • Your part is making decision. Complete automation of the procurement process from planning to final reports.
Compliance with Law
The System fully complies with the requirements of the Russian laws.

Bidding in accordance with the Federal Law 223-FZ with the possibility of uploading data to

Bidding for the sale of debtors' assets.