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1911 Gear pumps / AC "Search"

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1911 Gear pumps / AC "Search"
11 positions, according to the specification

OKDP2 category:
Total value:Price not specified
Contract award criteria:including VAT (show both prices)
Publication date:
Bid submission deadline:20.11.2019 10:00
Latest editing:08.11.2019 15:06
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Per-item bid submission
Participants can submit their proposals for separate items of the purchase
Equivalents of the requested items may be offered:Yes
Alternative bids
Alternative bid is a bid, of which the terms and conditions differ from those accepted in the bid-related documents.
Upload of bid-related documents required
Bidding initiator will not consider the bids with no documentation attached.
If within the last 30 minutes of the bid submission period a bid is submitted by one of the bidders, then the bid submission deadline for this call for bids will automatically be extended by 30 minutes from submission of the last bid.
30 minutes
Payment terms:Proposals participants
Preference will be given to participants with deferred payment of 30-60 days after the end of the month in which to accomplish the total supply of goods to the consignee's warehouse
Delivery terms:February-March 2020

Auto: DDP Altay, Krasnoshchyokovsky District, with. Akimovka Str. Search, 9
F / W: DDP Pospeliha Station, West-Siberian Railway, code 843906. Consignee OOO "Artel" Search ", code 0477
Georeferencing:658342, Russia, Altai Territory, Krasnoshchekovsky District, s. Akimovka, st. Search, 9
Please, note! When not under the provision of the requested documents according to the notice, the proposal is automatically withdrawn from the competition.

You can offer separate items, but such items will be evaluated against the average prices of other proposals.

The price shall include the cost of products, VAT, transportation costs, duties, taxes and other mandatory payments.
Transportation costs can be indicated in a separate line or included into the products price per each item (with the respective mark).

Bids evaluation criteria:
1) Economic parameters - cost and payment terms
2) Quality and delivery terms
3) Bidder's qualification
4) Completeness and quality of the submitted bid
Venue of bidding:This bidding procedure is held electronically at Participants' proposals are to be submitted as an e-document signed with a digital signature.
Контактное лицо:Акимова Юлия, Аракелян Оксана (г.Москва)
тел.: +7(495) 789-43-47 доб. 4033, 4052
Парамонов Владимир (г. Алдан)
тел.: 8-41145-47073 доб. 2866

Процедура находится в архиве
Принять участие уже невозможно. Посмотрите актуальные похожие процедуры.
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Bidding Organizer completed the procedure on 04.12.2019 at 10:27 has decided consider as the best the bids from companies
  • "RuMotors" OOO (Participant 2) (Смирнов Е.Б.) as of 19.11.2019 15:59:38 — for positions No. 1, 6, 10
  • \"TRAKTAT\" OOO (Participant 1) (Иванов А.А.) as of 20.11.2019 09:21:49 — for positions No. 2, 3
  • "Tsentr" OOO (Participant 4) (Рылов М.В.) as of 20.11.2019 09:23:24 — for positions No. 4, 5, 7-9, 11

The participants of trading procedure were notified.

Ground of decision: На основании рекомендации службы-заказчика
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144 000,00 RUB (amount including VAT, VAT: 25%)
Bid for Items No. 2, 3
Signed with e-signature
"TTs "Industriia-Servis" OOO (Participant 5) Арефьев А.
20.11.2019 09:24:47
148 360,80 RUB (amount including VAT, VAT: 20%)
Bid for Items No. 4-11
Signed with e-signature
"Tsentr" OOO (Participant 4) Рылов М.В.
20.11.2019 09:23:24
580 800,00 RUB (amount including VAT, VAT: 20%)
Bid for Items No. 2, 3, 6-11
Signed with e-signature
\"TRAKTAT\" OOO (Participant 1) Иванов А.А.
20.11.2019 09:21:49
271 243,52 RUB (amount including VAT, VAT: 20%)
Bid for Items No. 1, 3-11
Signed with e-signature
\"EDINAIa SLUZhBA SNABZhENIIa\" OOO (Participant 3) Демин Н.В.
20.11.2019 09:01:45
288 890,10 RUB (amount including VAT, VAT: 20%)
Bid for Items No. 1-11
Signed with e-signature
"RuMotors" OOO (Participant 2) Смирнов Е.Б.
19.11.2019 15:59:38
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