E-bidding: химические источники тока водоактивируемые

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Химические источники тока водоактивируемые

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Prequalification of bidders for sale № 1055966
Batteries Narada, COSLIGHT (sales, southern region)
Battery 6-Narada GFM-125FB, 125 A/h 12 V; COSLIGHT battery 6-GFM-120 c, 12 V 120 a/h, etc.
PAO "VympelKom" 11.07.2018 16:12
31.08.2018 16:02
Announcement of sale № 1053508
for sale: Battery OPzS 2500, switchboard, electrical equipment, second-hand, decommissioned, not working, Volgodonsk.
, 2500 OPzS batteries switchboard equipment, electrics, decommissioned, not working. Without guarantee! As separate units and scrap CChM. For sale one lot (all at once). Location: Volgodonsk.
"Net Bai Net Kholding" OOO 06.07.2018 15:26
20.07.2018 12:00
Announcement of sale № 1043226
Additional batteries for APC UPS Smart-UPS XL 24V Battery Pack batteries Delta DTM 1217.
uninterruptible power supplies and batteries
"Net Bai Net Kholding" OOO 20.06.2018 16:55
24.07.2018 16:24
Price market monitoring survey № 1026293
racks with batteries included with bit device
"NITI im. A.P.Aleksandrova" FGUP 16.06.2018 12:18
01.06.2018 23:59