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Request for Proposals № 2556866
Deregistration of a civil defense structure of PJSC "ChTPZ" No. 28 Item number П13740000771
"Chelpipe" JSC22.01.2021 13:3129.01.2021 12:00
Price monitoring request № 2556896
Comprehensive service of cash registers
Balakovskaia AES22.01.2021 13:3102.02.2021 23:59
Request for Quotations № 2556867
Bidding for veterinary drugs for the needs of the veterinary pharmacy Krivodanovka JSC "Kudryashovskoye" (ANALOGUES DO NOT OFFER) Draxin, 250 ml Iodine solution 5%, 100 ml
"Agrarnaia Gruppa" ZAO22.01.2021 13:3025.01.2021 10:10
Price monitoring request № 2556889
Provision of services necessary and obligatory for the provision of state accreditation services in the field of atomic energy use, namely, services for conducting an on-site examination of the conformity assessment of a certification body in the form of scheduled inspection control
DPO "Tekhnicheskaia akademiia Rosatoma" ANO22.01.2021 13:2802.02.2021 23:59
RFQ № 2556881
The right to conclude a contract for the supply of power cable Lot No.1 The right to conclude an agreement for the supply of a power cable
AO "FTsNIVT" SNPO "ELERON"22.01.2021 13:2701.02.2021 10:00
Price monitoring request № 2556886
Execution of works on "Repair of a locksmith's workshop of subdivision 104 in axes 15-16 / ГД building 01 (inv. No. 4)"
AO "OKBM Afrikantov"22.01.2021 13:2702.02.2021 23:59
Request for Proposals № 2555692
Tools, consumables Cutters, Collets, Nozzles, Glasses, Burners, etc.
JSC GSE22.01.2021 13:2626.01.2021 12:00
Price monitoring request № 2556879
Provision of services for connecting technical means and laying communication lines for LAN on the territory of LLC NPO Centrotech
\"UZGTs\" OOO22.01.2021 13:2529.01.2021 23:59
Closed request for proposals № 2556722
Antiseptics for hands Closed tender "Antiseptics for hands" after Prequalification No. 2526860
"STD "PETROVICh" OOO22.01.2021 13:2427.01.2021 13:00
Price monitoring request № 2556877
supply of metal cabinets to the address: Moscow, Podolskie cadets st., 1
AO IK "ASE"22.01.2021 13:2429.01.2021 23:59
Request for Quotations № 2556869
ANALOGUES DO NOT OFFER. URGENTLY! Doors, windows for KGGK Komsomolsk-on-Amur URGENTLY! Doors, windows for KGGK Komsomolsk-on-Amur
POLYMETAL TRADING, LTD22.01.2021 13:2328.01.2021 10:00
Request for Proposals № 2556857
Purchase of vat plastic containers. Vat plastic containers in accordance with the statement of work No. 1.
\"Zavod sintanolov\" OOO22.01.2021 13:2228.01.2021 12:00
Price monitoring request № 2556873
Monitoring of prices for the provision of consulting services for conducting marketing research on the topic: "Analysis of the Russian market of aramid fiber and materials based on it"
"SOPK "KOMPOZITY BEZ GRANITs" ANO22.01.2021 13:2226.01.2021 23:59
RFQ № 2556856
The right to conclude an agreement for the supply of paper for office equipment Lot No.1 The right to conclude an agreement for the supply of paper for office equipment
Branch of "AEM-technology" Atommash" in Volgodonsk22.01.2021 13:2101.02.2021 10:00
Price monitoring request № 2556872
TCH request for the supply of welding wire
AO "NPO "TsNIITMASh"22.01.2021 13:2026.01.2021 23:59
Request for Proposals № 2556453
Seamless pipe Seamless pipe
JSC GSE22.01.2021 13:1925.01.2021 14:00
Request for Proposals № 2556652
gates and doors DPM metal technical VM 3000 х3000h swing gates with a wicket 900х1900h; VM 3600 х3000h swing gates with a wicket 1000х2000h; metal door insulated. 2-fold. under the opening 1500х2400h; door DSN PPN under the opening 810x2100h; doors DPM under the opening 1010x2100h (right and left open)
UK "METALLOINVEST" OOO22.01.2021 13:1901.02.2021 11:00
Request for Proposals № 2556864
Electrical equipment
"Chelpipe" JSC22.01.2021 13:1626.01.2021 16:00
Price monitoring request № 2556865
Monitoring of prices for the supply of sheet, section and shaped steel for facilities 00UFC "Fresh fuel storage buildings", 01-02UGA "Feed pumping station", 00UGD "Desalting plant building", 01UGG "Domestic water supply pumping station", 04-05UGG "Filter absorber chamber", 03UYX "Protected emergency control room actions on the AU. Foundations. Construction part "within the Kursk NPP-2. Power units No. 1 and 2.
NIKIMT-Atomstroy JSC22.01.2021 13:1627.01.2021 23:59
Request for Quotations № 2556848
Barley for JSC Pig complex "Krasnoyarsk" Barley for JSC Pig complex "Krasnoyarsk"
"Agrarnaia Gruppa" ZAO22.01.2021 13:1625.01.2021 10:15
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