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Side vehicle KAMAZ-43118 with sleeping in the cabin with CMU Kanglim KS-1256 GII

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Quantity:1 шт.
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Bid submission deadline:13.12.2019 14:00
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Per-item bid submission:Not applicable. Proposal shall cover the entire lot.
Restriction on submission of a bid which is higher than the previous one
The bidding organizer has set a restriction on submission of a bid containing a price which is higher than the price of the previous bid submitted by the bidder. Once the bid is submitted, the price stated can not be increased.
Hide prices and bidders' names during bids submission period:Yes
Documents uploading for the bid is required
The Organizer will not consider the proposals with no documentation attached.
Payment terms:payment within 60 cal. days after receipt of the goods.
Delivery terms:delivery to the warehouse URGO OOO "TNG-Group"
Georeferencing:423235, Russia, Republic of Tatarstan, Bugulma, st. Agricultural machinery, d 5a
Contact person: Mechanical Engineer Alexander Kotelnikov 8 (85594) 7-75-25,

Equipment is new, in stock. Be sure to provide a commercial proposal. The presence of PTSD. The price for the equipment shall be fixed for at least 30 calendar days from the date of bidding results announced at the e-marketplace.
Required documents:
1. Extract from the USRLE
2. A copy of the Declaration on the VAT with certificate of filing by the tax authority.
3. Certificate of state registration of legal entity
4. Certificate of registration of legal entity with the tax authorities
5. Certificate of an official dealer of the manufacturer
6. Certificate of no outstanding tax liability issued not earlier than 30 days before the submission date.
7. Articles of Association
8. Financial statements for the most recent reporting period
Venue of bidding:This bidding procedure is held electronically at Participants' proposals are to be submitted as an e-document signed with a digital signature.

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