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Contact point Welding machine for parts made of low carbon and stainless steels, aluminum, titanium and copper alloys

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Total value:Price not specified
Contract award criteria:price excluding VAT (show both prices)
Price according to procedure results:395 833,34 RUB (price excluding VAT)
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Bid submission deadline:12.02.2019 14:00
Latest editing:08.02.2019 09:43
Responsible person:Андреева Галина Вениаминовна
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Additional info
Per-item proposal submission
Participants can submit their proposals for certain lots of the purchase, but necessarily for all the items within a chosen lot
Not applicable. Proposal shall cover all the items of the chosen lots
Ограничивать возможность подачи предложения выше поданного ранее
Организатором установлено ограничение подачи ценового предложения выше ранее поданного участником. Изменить цену в сторону увеличения после отправки заявки будет невозможно.
Two-stage purchase procedure
The procedure is held in two stages. At Stage 1 the bidders need to upload the file with the proposal based on requirements specified in the documentation for prequalification of bidders. On the basis of received proposals the organizer makes decision on allowing to the bidders access to the next stage (Stage 2).
Closed submission of bids:No
Alternative bids
Alternative proposal is the proposal terms and conditions of which differ from the terms and conditions stated in the purchasing documentation.
Documents uploading for the bid is required
The Organizer will not consider the proposals with no documentation attached.
Payment terms:Payment on Delivery 60 calendar days (preferably)
Delivery terms:The item price includes delivery to the warehouse
Georeferencing:196105, St. Petersburg, Moskovsky Prospekt, D. 158 "Elektrosil" Plant;
The offer must be irrevocable, firm and fixed, the price must include all costs associated with the implementation of the offer, including transportation to the warehouses of the company in St. Petersburg, travel and other overheads, and Also all taxes and other obligatory payments.
The technical and commercial proposal, presented by the representative of the company, should contain:
- Description of the proposed equipment with mandatory indication of the main characteristics for each item of the specification;
- Information about the total cost of equipment with the required components in accordance with the specification;
- Information about the warranty period of the equipment (not less than 12 months);
- Terms of manufacturing and delivery of equipment to the buyer's warehouse (or to the shop of the applicant specified in the technical specification);
- Information about Payment Terms: Payment on the fact of delivery 60 calendar days (preferably)
- Conclusion of the contract in the form of PJSC "power machines".
- Terms of delivery:
DDP at the sites of PJSC "Power Machines", St. Petersburg:
- 196105, St. Petersburg, Moskovsky Prospekt, 158, plant "Elektrosil"

The scan-copy of the commercial offer must be loaded on the site and contain the following information: Name and legal form, tin, PPC, Legal and actual address of the provider.

In addition to the set of documents confirming compliance of your offer with the requirements stated in the technical specification, you have the right to submit any other information and documents proving your business reputation, experience and financial Stability.
The information you submit to participate in a competitive selection is not transferable to persons who are not involved in a competitive choice or to other participants.

PJSC "Power Machines" reserves the right to reject the offer if:
• The participant did not submit the offer within the specified period;
• The information provided by the participants was incorrect or incomplete;
• The company party is in the process of liquidation or reorganization, or it is in charge of bankruptcy.

The choice of supplier will be made taking into account different criteria: Price, delivery time, payment terms, work experience.

According to the results of the competitive choice the company will be defined with which the contract for delivery of the machine of contact spot welding of parts from low-carbon and stainless steels, aluminum, titanium and copper alloys shall be concluded.
To clarify the information, please contact the manager of the Directorate for purchasing Andreeva Galina VENIAMINOVN by phone: (812) 363-34-10 (ext. 4-10-77); or by email
Venue of bidding:This bidding procedure is held electronically at Participants' proposals are to be submitted as an e-document signed with a digital signature.

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Status of bidding: archival.
Bidding Organizer completed the procedure on 10.04.2019 at 16:24 has decided company's bid shall be accepted as the best NPF "ITS" AO (Никонова И.Г.) as of 12.02.2019 13:27:28 — for all lots.
The participants of trading procedure were notified.
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395 833,34 RUB (amount excluding VAT)
Offer according to Lots No. 1
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NPF "ITS" AO Никонова И.Г.
12.02.2019 13:27:28
2 343 750,00 RUB (amount excluding VAT)
Offer according to Lots No. 1
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12.02.2019 10:39:50
491 666,67 RUB (amount excluding VAT)
Offer according to Lots No. 1
Signed with e-signature
11.02.2019 11:58:52
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