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Total value:123 600,00 RUB (including VAT)
Contract award criteria:including VAT (show both prices)
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Bid submission deadline:24.06.2019 10:00
Latest editing:18.06.2019 12:11
Additional info
Per-item proposal submission
Participants can submit their proposals for separate items of the purchase
Restriction on submission of a bid which is higher than the previous one
The bidding organizer has set a restriction on submission of a bid containing a price which is higher than the price of the previous bid submitted by the bidder. Once the bid is submitted, the price stated can not be increased.
Documents uploading for the bid is required
The Organizer will not consider the proposals with no documentation attached.
Payment terms:100% within 15 business days upon delivery to the Buyer's warehouse
Delivery terms:delivery to the buyer's warehouse
Georeferencing:Russia, 624460, Sverdlovskaya oblast, Krasnoturinsk, to the south-west of Vorontsovka village, Vorontsovskoye gold ore deposit.
This request does not constitute a public offer.
It is possible to deliver TMC to the terminal of tc in Yekaterinburg or Serov (priority delivery to the warehouse of the AO).
Venue of bidding:This bidding procedure is held electronically at Participants' proposals are to be submitted as an e-document signed with a digital signature.
Предоставление чертежей:Необходимо предоставлять чертежи для согласования с Заказчиком
Коммерческое предложение:В предлагаемых КП указать:
1) Отдельно стоимость за товар и отдельно стоимость за доставку;
2) Сертификаты соответствия;
3) Ссылки на производителя;
4) Условия оплаты;
5) Сроки поставки;
6) Отношение поставщика к поставляемой продукции;
7) Указать технические характеристики на продукцию (температурный режим, состав материала)
8) Стоимость доставки необходимо расшифровать (т.е. маршрут отправки самого груза);
9) Указать срок действия ценового предложения.
Контакт:Тел.: +7(34384) 91-992
Моб. +7 (912)6539769

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Ground of decision: Открыты торги 1286955
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14 000,00 RUB (amount including VAT, VAT: 20%)
Bid for Items No. 2
Signed with e-signature
"SILTON" OOO Силиванов С.В.
24.06.2019 09:22:47
14 400,00 RUB (amount including VAT, VAT: 20%)
Bid for Items No. 5
Signed with e-signature
"SBM Grup Evraziia" OOO Григорьевич К.Д.
24.06.2019 09:14:53
25 669,16 RUB (amount including VAT, VAT: 20%)
Bid for Items No. 1-4
Signed with e-signature
21.06.2019 09:13:30
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