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Total price:123 600,00 RUB (price incl. VAT)
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Bid submission deadline:24.06.2019 10:00
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Per-item bid submission
Bidders can submit a bid for separate items within the call for bids
Restriction on submission of a bid higher than previously submitted
Bidding initiator has set a restriction on submission of a bid with a price which is higher than the price of the previous bid submitted by the bidder. Once the bid is submitted, the stated price can not be increased.
Upload of bid-related documents required
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If within the last 30 minutes of bid submission period a bid is submitted, then bid submission deadline will automatically be extended by 30 minutes from the time the last bid is submitted.
30 minutes
Payment terms:100% within 15 business days upon delivery to the Buyer's warehouse
Delivery terms:delivery to the buyer's warehouse
Georeferencing:Russia, 624460, Sverdlovsk region, Krasnoturinsk, south-western outskirts of Vorontsovka settlement, Vorontsovskoye gold deposit.
This request does not constitute a public offer.
It is possible to deliver TMC to the terminal of tc in Yekaterinburg or Serov (priority delivery to the warehouse of the AO).
Venue of bidding:This bidding procedure is held electronically at Participants' proposals are to be submitted as an e-document signed with a digital signature.
Предоставление чертежей:Необходимо предоставлять чертежи для согласования с Заказчиком
Коммерческое предложение:В предлагаемых КП указать:
1) Отдельно стоимость за товар и отдельно стоимость за доставку;
2) Сертификаты соответствия;
3) Ссылки на производителя;
4) Условия оплаты;
5) Сроки поставки;
6) Отношение поставщика к поставляемой продукции;
7) Указать технические характеристики на продукцию (температурный режим, состав материала)
8) Стоимость доставки необходимо расшифровать (т.е. маршрут отправки самого груза);
9) Указать срок действия ценового предложения.
Контакт:Тел.: +7(34384) 91-992
Моб. +7 (912)6539769

This call for bids is archived
Participation in bidding is no longer possible. Please check similar bid procedures currently available
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14 000,00 RUB (amount including VAT, VAT: 20%)
Bid for Items No. 2
Signed with e-signature
"SILTON" OOO (Bidder 3) Силиванов С.В.
24.06.2019 09:22:47
14 400,00 RUB (amount including VAT, VAT: 20%)
Bid for Items No. 5
Signed with e-signature
"SBM Grup Evraziia" OOO (Bidder 2) Коблов Д.Г.
24.06.2019 09:14:53
25 669,16 RUB (amount including VAT, VAT: 20%)
Bid for Items No. 1-4
Signed with e-signature
"SPETsTORG" OOO (Bidder 1) Белоус А.А.
21.06.2019 09:13:30
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