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Rolled metal products.

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Rolled metal products.
Rolled metal products. (Buying)

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Bid submission deadline:08.09.2020 10:00
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Per-item bid submission
Bidders can submit a bid for separate items within the call for bids
Equivalents of the requested items may be offered:Yes
Hide prices and bidders' names during bids submission period:Yes
Alternative bids
Alternative bid is a bid, of which the terms and conditions differ from those accepted in the bid-related documents.
Upload of bid-related documents required
Bids not supported with documentation will not be considered.
Procurement documentation:Not uploaded
Payment terms:Deferred payment 60 days from the date of delivery to the buyer's warehouse
Delivery terms:To the buyer's warehouse the price is with VAT and TRM
Georeferencing:652780, Russia, Kemerovo region, Guryevsk, st. Gagarina, 1
Agreement as amended by OJSC GMZ. THE PROVIDED OFFER MUST BE VALID FOR 30 days.
For counterparties who pre-registered in the System, but did not receive an EDS and did not pay for participation in the System, it is possible to download offers by the organizer of the request price on behalf of the counterparty. For this, three documents are required:
- Offer (commercial proposal) certified by the signature of an authorized person and the seal of the organization;
- A document establishing the right to take actions on behalf of the counterparty (for example, a power of attorney);
- A letter refusing further claims due to the fact that the offer is not submitted at the auction by the Bidder himself (in free form on the company's letterhead with the signature of an authorized person). A prerequisite for the provision of a file with documents in the request for prices confirming the status of the participant is a manufacturer or dealer. Separately, we draw your attention to the fact that your commercial proposal (offer) must necessarily contain the following essential conditions:
• product name with reference to the normative and technical documentation (GOST, TU, STO, etc.);
• the quantity of products offered for delivery in the units of measurement corresponding to the subject of purchase;
• product price per unit of measurement; delivery basis (place of delivery, method of transportation, information on costs included in the price of goods, the moment of transfer of ownership);
• delivery period and delivery times for individual batches of products;
• terms and conditions of payment for products
Venue of bidding:This call for bids is held in electronic form on the e-marketplace of B2B-Center group ( Bids shall be submitted in the form of e-document.
Ответственный исполнитель: Кулебакина Елена Валерьевна:Электронный адрес
8(384-63)5-01-54, 6-52-92
Сотрудник службы безопасности (ФИО, контактные данные):Директор по безопасности ОАО "ГМЗ" Евтушенко Алексей Борисович, телефон контактный (38463) 6-55-45, электронный адрес:
Контактное лицо:Кулебакина Елена Валерьевна
Электронный адрес
8(384-63)5-01-54, 6-52-92
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This call for bids is archived
Participation in bidding is no longer possible. Please check similar bid procedures currently available
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HiddenKamensk-Uralsky Non-Ferrous Metal Working Plant JSC (Bidder 1) Скирдова А.И.
14.09.2020 08:19:08
HiddenOOO MTK "KRASO" (Bidder 6) Коробов П.М.
09.09.2020 09:58:42
HiddenTD "URALSIBTREID" OOO (Bidder 2) Чиляков А.А.
09.09.2020 06:34:47
Hidden"TDNM" OOO (Bidder 5) Головнова Т.Н.
08.09.2020 09:12:33
HiddenStroyservis (Bidder 4) Береснева Т.А.
08.09.2020 08:56:12
Hidden"Mechel-Servis" OOO (Bidder 3) Белых О.
08.09.2020 06:33:33
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