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Buying batteries according to the Tz 48V5PzSL400Ah charger ate. Pulskar 48 V/300-600Ah

Buying batteries according to the Tz
charger ate. Pulskar 48 V/300-600Ah
New not used (Buying)

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Bid submission deadline:01.09.2017 12:00
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Responsible person:Титов Иван Андреевич
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Per-item proposal submission
Participants can submit their proposals for separate items of the purchase
Equivalents of the requested items may be offered:Yes
Two-stage purchase procedure
The procedure is held in two stages. At Stage 1 the bidders need to upload the file with the proposal based on requirements specified in the documentation for prequalification of bidders. On the basis of received proposals the organizer makes decision on allowing to the bidders access to the next stage (Stage 2).
Closed submission of bids:Yes
Alternative bids
Alternative proposal is the proposal terms and conditions of which differ from the terms and conditions stated in the purchasing documentation.
Documents uploading (for bid proposal) is obligatory
The Organizer will not consider the proposals with no documentation attached.
Payment terms:the buyer makes the payment by money transfer to the account of the provider in the following order: 100% of the cost of goods delivered within 60 (sixty) calendar days from the date of acceptance of the goods from the carrier at the buyer's warehouse.
Delivery terms:Supplier produces delivery batches on request of customer, at its own expense and on its own to the warehouse of the buyer. Party procedure must have status: the manufacturer, the manufacturer's representative, dealer or Distributor. Certificate of origin, quality or availability of a passport document, certifying the quality of the goods shall be presented together with the goods at the warehouse of the buyer. The delivered merchandise must be new, not remanufactured. shipped At buyer's notification with provision of copies: invoices, Torg-12 and documents confirming shipment of goods through the carrier. Goods delivery in September-November 2017.
Georeferencing:652877, Kemerovskaya oblast, Mezhdurechensk, Yuzhnaya promzona, Skladskoye hozyaistvo, OAO Yuzhniy Kuzbass.
Micropilot M F fmr250 Microwave Levelmeter MFR 250 4 5 E 1 GGJ
' is a prerequisite to participate in the request for proposals and to conclude a supply contract is the presence status of a manufacturer or dealer's existing powers with factories-manufacturers. Confirmation of the status of the supplier must be immediately after the end of the query with the provision of relevant documents in electronic format. 1. The conclusion of the Treaty only in the model revision of PJSC "" Southern Kuzbass» "" no disagreements (see attachment). 2. Compulsory enlistment in the system of the certificate of conformity, approvals, dealer certificate, commercial proposals, with an indication of the period of delivery and payment conditions, reference sheet! 3. Year of production no earlier than 2017 year! 4. Quantity can be changed, if the change applications. 5. Please note that this request is not a competition notice (public competition) or public offer and is not governed by art. 447-449 h. 1 CIVIL CODE, art. 1057-1061 h 2 CIVIL CODE. Thus, this procedure does not impose on the organiser of adequate civil legal liabilities and reserves the right to refuse all proposals received for any reason or to stop the selection procedure at any time without incurring any liability to Participants. the Chief specialist of the Department of economic security-Aleksandr Aleksandrovich Ryazantsev, 7-23-23, ryazantcevaa@uk.mechel. be exhibitors, pre-registered in the system but have not received DS and not paid for participation in the You can download the Organizer price request proposals on behalf of the party. This requires three documents:-offer (offer) certified by signature of the authorized person and the seal of the Organization;-document establishing the right to act on behalf of the participant (for example, power of attorney);-a letter from any further claims on the occasion that the proposal is filed on the tender not by Party (in free-form on company letterhead with the signature of the authorized person.) in the subject line, you must specify a procedure number. Address for receiving paper proposals from Parties : About submitting proposals must be reported to the Executive Director upon request prices/offers: Ivan Andreyevich +7 Titov (38475) 7-23-26, Accepting proposals to the following e-mail address ends in time to 6:00 until the end of the procedure, upload proposals for trading is possible up to 4:00 until the end. "" After the procedure peretorzhki-proposal to change further quotation will not be taken into account. "" "
Venue of bidding:This bidding procedure is held electronically at Participants' proposals are to be submitted as an e-document signed with a digital signature.
Сотрудник службы безопасности (ФИО, контактные данные):Рязанцев Александр Александрович, 7-23-23,
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