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REPEATEDLY. Services for the provision of rental of side surfaces of vans of cargo motor vehicles for the placement of advertising and information materials, MAGNIT retail network"

This call for bids is archived
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Bid submission deadline:11.05.2021 15:00
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10 minutes
Payment terms:100% post-payment, deferred payment 60 calendar days
Delivery terms:The procedure for leasing a vehicle is agreed upon according to the schedule.
Georeferencing:- Tyumen region, Tyumen
- g Yekaterinburg
- Chelyabinsk region, Magnitogorsk
- Perm Krai, Perm
- Russia, Tyumen region,
- Russia, Sverdlovsk region,
- Chelyabinsk region, Chelyabinsk
Dear suppliers!
Submission of price offers only in RUBLES.

1. Payment terms-deferral of 60 cal. days
2. Time of readiness for shipment from the moment of placing the order: 20 calendar days

The price must be specified per month. Please read the procurement documentation carefully.

Participation is free.

No EDS required.

The bidder can repeatedly improve their price offer until the end of the submission of applications.
Only one legal entity may participate in the tender procedure from a group of affiliated (related) companies. Otherwise, it is considered as a restriction of competition and is the basis for the withdrawal from the competition of all affiliated participants.

For all questions about free participation in this trading procedure, please contact the B2B-center specialists by phone: (495) 989-85-19 ext. 7610, 7620, and also submit requests for clarification of the technical part to the Customer through the B2B ETP functionality in the section of the corresponding procedure.
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This procedure for requesting proposals is not an auction or tender, does not fall under the scope of Articles 447-449 of the Civil Code of the Russian Federation and does not entail legal obligations for the Customer to choose a supplier.
Venue of bidding:This call for bids is held in electronic form on the e-marketplace of B2B-Center group ( Bids shall be submitted in the form of e-document.
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This call for bids is archived
Participation in bidding is no longer possible. Please check similar bid procedures currently available
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