Request for Proposals No. 1381696 
The right to enter into a framework Agreement for emergency and rescue and recovery of repair works on 0.4-35 kV cable line including HDD at 2019. in the branches of PJSC "MOESK" (Western Electric Networks, Northern Electric Networks, Eastern...

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Purchase method (according to the procurement regulations):Открытый запрос предложений
OKDP2 category:  Работы по ремонту местных линий электропередачи и связи
OKVED2 category:
42.2  Строительство инженерных коммуникаций
Quantity:1 ед
Per unit price:21 600 000,00 RUB (including VAT)
Total value:21 600 000,00 RUB (including VAT)
Contract award criteria:including VAT (show both prices)
Publication date:
Bid submission deadline:20.11.2019 10:00
Latest editing:08.11.2019 14:50
Customer's postal address:115088 г.Москва, ул.Южнопортовая, д.17, стр.3
Customer's registered address:115088 г.Москва, ул.Южнопортовая, д.17, стр.3
Contact e-mail
Buyer's contact phone number:+7 (495) 252-08-01
Additional info
Competitive purchase
Процедура проводится с соблюдением требований статей 3.2 - 3.3 223-ФЗ
Per-item bid submission:Not applicable. Proposal shall cover the entire lot.
Upload of bid-related documents required
Bidding initiator will not consider the bids with no documentation attached.
Option of participation for the suppliers recorded in the register of unfair suppliers:Yes
Contract performance:В соответствии с документацией о закупке
Торги на единичные расценки
Организатором определена начальная цена договора, которая является фиксированной. Торги проходят по снижению единичных расценок.
Payment terms:According to the documentation for the purchase of
Delivery terms:According to the documentation for the purchase of
Venue of bids examination:115088,
г. Москва, ул. Южнопортовая, д.17, стр.3
Date and time of bids consideration:27.11.2019 16:30
Results date and time:06.12.2019 15:30
Georeferencing:115088 Moscow, Yuzhnoportovaya st., 17, p. 3
Venue of bidding:This bidding procedure is held electronically at Participants' proposals are to be submitted as an e-document signed with a digital signature.
Procurement documents provision procedure:Procurement documents in electronic form are available free of charge at B2B-Center marketplace ( starting from the date of publication of the procurement procedure.
Контактное лицо:Белик Сергей Александрович
E-signature info:Signed with e-signature
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Процедура находится в архиве
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Bidding Organizer completed the procedure on 04.12.2019 at 15:39 has decided company's bid shall be accepted as the best "UNITEH" OOO (Participant 1) (Гринкевич А.А.) of 19.11.2019 14:39 at the price of 21 600 000,00 RUB (including VAT)
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21 600 000,00 RUB (including VAT, VAT: 20%)

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"UNITEH" OOO (Participant 1) Гринкевич А.А.
19.11.2019 14:39:48
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