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Glass fiber ST-EFT-35.0 (GOST 12652-74) - 3 m²

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Glass fiber ST-EFT-35.0 (GOST 12652-74) - 3 m²

OKPD2 category:  Изделия из стекловолокна прочие, кроме стеклотканей
Quantity:3 кв.м.
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Bid submission deadline:19.08.2019 09:00
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Delivery terms:Delivery to the Buyer's warehouse at the expense of the Supplier. Batch delivery during 2019
Georeferencing:633216, Russia, Novosibirsk region,

Iskitimsky district, Industrial site

Novosibirsk Electrode Plant
Please note, that this request is not a notice of tender (public tender) or a public offer and is not subject to Articles 447 - 449, Part I, and Articles 1057 - 1061, Part II, of the Civil Code of the Russian Federation. Thus, this procedure does not impose the corresponding amount of civil and legal obligations on the Organizer, and the Organizer reserves the right to refuse all the proposals received for any reason, or to terminate the selection procedure at any time, incurring no liability before the participants.
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In the event that tax reporting is absent or does not allow a sufficient degree of certainty to verify the integrity of the Supplier, the Buyer has the right to request other documents confirming the ability of the Supplier to independently fulfill delivery obligations, including, but not limited to: extract from the staffing table with attached copies of employment contracts of persons involved in the performance of work, information on the ownership or right of lease: office, warehouse, industrial premises, equipment / tools / mechanisms, vehicles.
If these documents are not provided, the Customer has the right to reject the offer (offer).
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This call for bids is archived
Participation in bidding is no longer possible. Please check similar bid procedures currently available
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