Request for Proposals No. 1184532
Packaging materials and goods of economic purpose taking into account the delivery to the company of "Kari" Ltd.

OKDP2 category:  Ярлыки и этикетки из бумаги  Пленки пластмассовые, неармированные или не комбинированные с другими материалами  Устройства пломбировочные индикаторные (пломбы индикаторные, пломбы контрольные) из пластика без применения технологии ГЛОНАСС
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Bid submission deadline:14.02.2019 17:43 (was extended by 13 min, 6 sec)
Latest editing:14.02.2019 15:28
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Per-item proposal submission
Participants can submit their proposals for separate items of the purchase
Restriction on submission of a bid which is higher than the previous one
The bidding organizer has set a restriction on submission of a bid containing a price which is higher than the price of the previous bid submitted by the bidder. Once the bid is submitted, the price stated can not be increased.
Documents uploading for the bid is required
The Organizer will not consider the proposals with no documentation attached.
If within the last 10 minutes of the bid submission period, a bid from one of the participants is submitted, then the bid submission deadline in the framework of this procedure will automatically be extended by 10 minutes more, starting upon submission of the last bid.
10 minutes
Payment terms:Payment shall be made by the Buyer provided that the Supplier has submitted a duly executed invoice to the Buyer. The buyer pays in the amount of 100%, from the cost of services (works) within 20 (twenty) calendar days from the moment of delivery of the goods (performance of works, rendering of services) and signing by the Parties of the act of Acceptance-Transfer (Act of fulfillment of services, works) or other Document confirming delivery (performance of services, works).
Delivery terms:delivery of a lot or part of a lot to the recipient's address at the request of the Supplier
Georeferencing:Moscow region, Ramensky district, s.p. Sofyinskoye, Industrial zone LLC "SST", building 5, staircase 2
Please note, that this request is not a notice of tender (public tender) or a public offer and is not subject to Articles 447 - 449, Part I, and Articles 1057 - 1061, Part II, of the Civil Code of the Russian Federation. Thus, this procedure does not impose on the organizer the corresponding volume of civil obligations and reserves the right to refuse all received offers for any reason or to terminate the selection procedure at any time, not Carrying no responsibility
Venue of bidding:This bidding procedure is held electronically at Participants' proposals are to be submitted as an e-document signed with a digital signature.

Latest submitted bids
Status of bidding: archival.
Bidding Organizer completed the procedure on 08.05.2019 at 15:46 has decided consider as the best the bids from companies
  • "TD Stand" OOO (Проскурин А.) as of 14.02.2019 17:19:36 — for positions No. 1, 2
  • "KMS" OOO (Иванов Л.В.) as of 14.02.2019 15:57:59 — for positions No. 3, 4
  • \"KOMUS\" OOO (Гречишкин К.А.) as of 14.02.2019 17:21:45 — for positions No. 3, 4
  • \"Protekh\" OOO (Степанова  М.А.) as of 14.02.2019 17:28:06 — for positions No. 5, 6
Reject all offers for positions No. 7-9.
The participants of trading procedure were notified.
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168 240,00 RUB (amount excluding VAT)
Bid for Items No. 5, 6
Signed with e-signature
\"Protekh\" OOO Степанова  М.А.
14.02.2019 17:28:06
4 570 126,08 RUB (amount excluding VAT)
Bid for Items No. 2-5
Signed with e-signature
\"KOMUS\" OOO Гречишкин К.А.
14.02.2019 17:21:45
2 189 940,00 RUB (amount excluding VAT)
Bid for Items No. 1
Signed with e-signature
OOO "Brendlenta" Сергеев О.А.
14.02.2019 17:21:15
3 519 979,68 RUB (amount excluding VAT)
Bid for Items No. 1, 2
Signed with e-signature
"TD Stand" OOO Проскурин А.
14.02.2019 17:19:36
99 300,00 RUB (amount excluding VAT)
Bid for Items No. 7-9
Signed with e-signature
\"MKS\" OOO Узенев Е.С.
14.02.2019 16:49:42
1 505 160,00 RUB (amount excluding VAT)
Bid for Items No. 3, 4
Signed with e-signature
"KMS" OOO Иванов Л.В.
14.02.2019 15:57:59
3 556 816,08 RUB (amount excluding VAT)
Bid for Items No. 1, 2
Signed with e-signature
Upakovka I Service LLC Оксаненко  С.В.
14.02.2019 14:13:18
7 802 341 875,60 RUB (amount excluding VAT)
Bid for Items No. 1-9
Signed with e-signature
"Gruppa MPS" OOO Паливода С.Г.
13.02.2019 19:13:20
7 721 755 435,20 RUB (amount excluding VAT)
Bid for Items No. 2-4
Signed with e-signature
\"NOVA TORG\" OOO Шалагин В.В.
13.02.2019 17:40:44
7 764 509 739,12 RUB (amount excluding VAT)
Bid for Items No. 1-9
Signed with e-signature
QuadroCom Коновалов С.А.
13.02.2019 16:52:57
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