Request for Proposals No. 1467481 
Execution of construction, installation and commissioning works on replacement of aspiration and technological units ATU-2A, ATU-2B, ATU-8, ATU-10, ATU-11B, ATU-14 in the production premises of the fuel supply shop CHP of JSC RUSAL Achinsk in 2020.

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33.12.29  Услуги по ремонту и техническому обслуживанию прочего оборудования специального назначения  Работы монтажные прочие, не включенные в другие группировки
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Bid submission deadline:15.05.2020 18:00
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Additional info
Per-item bid submission:Not applicable. Proposal shall cover the entire lot.
Closed submission of bids:Yes
Alternative bids
Alternative bid is a bid, of which the terms and conditions differ from those accepted in the bid-related documents.
Upload of bid-related documents required
Bidding initiator will not consider the bids with no documentation attached.
Payment terms:Preferred payment terms - within 60 calendar days from the moment of signing of the act of performed works by the bill of JSC "RUSAL Achinsk". In case of disagreement, the Participant must specify the proposed payment terms.
Delivery terms:According to the purchasing documents
Georeferencing:Krasnoyarsk Territory, Achinsk
The commercial offer should be sent in the form of an electronic (scanned copy) document signed by the authorized person and sealed by the organization.

Requests for clarification of documentation, selection procedures shall be submitted no later than 2 days before the closing date of application.

If there are several stages in the procedure, please submit your proposal at each stage of selection. Otherwise, proposals will not be considered.

JSC RUSAL Achinsk has the right to refuse participation in the Selection in the following cases:
- commercial offer received after the deadline; $
- the terms of the offer do not meet the terms of the Invitation;
- the offer contains false information;
- the person submitting the offer is in the process of liquidation or reorganization, or insolvency (bankruptcy) proceedings have been initiated against him; $
- Participant of Selection has negative experience of working with enterprises of OK RUSAL;
- in any other case, on the basis of internal procedures, with the right not to explain the reasons for the refuse.$

The selection will be carried out with mandatory peretorzhek.

RUSAL pursues a Procurement Policy aimed at increasing the transparency of procurement activities. If you become aware of unfair actions and abuses in the process of procurement procedures, please provide this information to the Trust Service of RUSAL "SignAL":, +7 800 234-56-40.
Information about the final results of your participation in this Selection will be sent to you by e-mail or fax.
Venue of the bidding procedure: This procedure is held electronically at B2B-Center e-marketplace ( Participants' bids shall be submitted in the form of an e-document.
Venue of bidding:This bidding procedure is held electronically at Participants' proposals are to be submitted as an e-document signed with a digital signature.
Контактное лицо:Митина Юлия тел. 8(39151)3-43-68

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